Wealth Wizards sponsors Silicon Canal

We’re pleased to be ‘Terabyte’ sponsors of Silicon Canal, a not-for profit organisation whose aim is to create a tech ecosystem in the Midlands. With our HQ in Leamington Spa, we want to encourage tech talent in the area, promote the Midlands as tech hub and get together with like-minded people. We want to show that if you want a successful career in tech, you don’t have to move to London! We will be involved and supporting Silicon Canal’s events throughout the year including sponsoring the ‘Most Influential Female in Technology’ award at the Silicon Canal Tech Awards.

Be part of our engineering team

If you’re a software developer who wants to swap the urban jungle of London for the rolling hills of Warwickshire, look no further than Wealth Wizards. You’ll join a dynamic team of clever people, be absorbed in an energetic atmosphere, and benefit from an excellent work-life balance. Plus, you’ll be working in a team that’s breaking ground in the world of robo advice and artificial intelligence.

If Wealth Wizards sounds like your sort of company, take a look at our careers page for all the info.

Are you based in The Midlands already? Do you like beer? And DevOps? Come to out DevHops MeetUp.

A day out of the office

At Wealth Wizards, every six months we have a whole company away day. It’s the chance for different areas of the business to work together, have some time out of the office and to take a step back from the every day. With offices in Leamington, Guildford and Leeds, it’s very rare that everyone finds themselves in the same place so it’s a good chance to catch up and collaborate.

At the end of June, we had a fun-filled away day, many will say that it was the best one we’ve had yet. Most of the morning involved scurrying around Warwick on a treasure hunt. This was not your normal treasure hunt, you could call this a ‘tech’ treasure hunt – iPads in hand, we had to pick up clues around town and do some strange tasks. Some of these tasks included air guitaring, taking photos with statues, recreating a favourite scene from a film, and trying to sabotage the other teams on the way. Once our time was up, we reconvened at the hotel, collected our clues together and had an intense 30 minutes of trying to unlock a briefcase that required buttons, dials and sensors being twisted and pushed in a particular order. Needless to say, the brains at Wealth Wizards were not beaten by this task, we managed to crack the code with a few minutes to spare!

The afternoon, although more low-tech didn’t disappoint either, we got to play with LEGO and learn about Agile ways of working at the same time. The activity involved two scenarios: one where the ‘customer’ told each group their requirements for a product (houses and modes of transport) then were presented with their product at the end of the sprint, and another where the customer was asked for feedback throughout the process. You can probably guess which scenario produced the happiest customer!

CEO Andrew Firth also gave an update about the company’s exciting direction it’s heading in (we can’t share that on here unfortunately, you’d have to come and work for us if you want to know!)

If you’d like to work at Wealth Wizards, visit our careers page.

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