My Test Rig

When the time of year came around for me to rebuild my test rig, I spent longer than ever gathering components to build something that would last more than 12 months (for my daily usage!).

I decided on an “open-rig” style of build and this had more than one benefit:

  • I was able to chop and change components as I wished, without having to open and close a case.
  • Cooling and airflow issues that I had with a standard box disappeared.
  • I can remove my SSD’s and take them with me.

The specs of the machine are as follows:

  • Intel i7 6 core Skylake processor overclocked to 4.9ghz (runs a little hot!)
  • Closed-circuit processor water-cooling
  • 256gb M2 SSD with main Windows 10 OS installed on it
  • 4TB ( 2x 2TB ) Samsung Evo Pro SSDs
  • 64GB Corsair Quad Channel DDR4 RAM
  • ENVA Nvidia Geforce 980TI (Overclocked)

This setup allows the machine to load test systems and it’s strong enough not to fall over itself. It also runs around 10 separate VMs that have different roles within its usage. I also have rainbow tables on my NAS drive at home, enabling the PC to crunch through them at a remarkable rate for my security testing.

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